Aaron Taylor-Johnson is ''inspired'' by his wife.

The 23-year-old actor thinks he and director-and-artist Sam Taylor-Johnson - with who he has daughters Wylda, two, and Romy, seven months - ''complement'' one another, despite their 23-year age gap.

Asked if he agrees with Sam's recent description of him as an ''old soul'', he said: ''I guess so. And she's a young spirit. We complement each other, for sure, both in our work and on an everyday level. She pushes and inspires me, and I Hope I do the same for her.''

Aaron also admitted he hasn't returned to his home town of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, South East England, for six years as he feels no ties to the area and is happy with the life he has built with Sam, who also has daughters Angelica, 15, and six-year-old Jessie from her previous marriage.

He told the Observer magazine: ''I haven't been back there in about six years. I still see it as a place I wanted to escape from. I get on fine with my mum and dad, but if they want to see the grandchildren, they come to me.

''I haven't got any friends from where I grew up, but that's not to do with fame. I moved on from there years ago. I have good friends now, both from Sam's world and my world. We're a close-knit family with a close-knit circle of friends. That's the way it is and it's just fine.''