Aaron Eckhart - Aaron Eckhart Loves Eating Rattlesnake

The Dark Knight star Aaron Eckhart has a bizarre favourite delicacy - rattlesnake.
The actor spends much of his time living on a rustic ranch in Montana and Eckhart admits whenever he and his brother go hiking and stumble upon the venomous serpent, they sometimes kill it for a snack.
During an appearance on U.S. programme The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Monday (10Oct11), he explained, "We have plenty of rattlesnakes (near my house). One happened - it was wrong place, wrong time. My brother came across a rattler, so he had to dispatch (kill) it, and so we cooked him up and ate him...
"What you do is, you cut off its head, but you have to be very careful with a rattlesnake because it has electricity running through it for up to like three days afterwards. You bury the head. And then I just cut it down the middle and gutted it. I got a stick, a nice fresh sapling, cut it down the middle... and put it over the fire... My brother and I were like (portioning it). It's a nice white meat."


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