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Cronenberg Tells The Truth About Film Sex Myth

12th September 2011

Filmmaker David Cronenberg has dispelled the myth he and his wife had sex in front of the cast of A History Of Violence to help them perfect a rough love scene, insisting it was a...

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Cronenberg Relives The Fly In Opera

26th February 2007

Canadian director DAVID CRONENBERG is bringing his 1986 movie THE FLY to the opera - he's adapting the sci-fi drama for the stage. The A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE film-maker is reuniting with his costume designer...

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Fascinating Fact 2700

14th January 2007

A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE stars ED HARRIS and VIGGO MORTENSEN are teaming up to play western lawmen in APPALOOSA, Harris' first attempt at directing since POLLOCK in 2000. The film marks the A BEAUTIFUL MIND...

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Bello's Cinderella Moment

29th August 2006

Movie beauty MARIA BELLO's most prized possession is a sparkly gold shoe she found in the New York City snow, because it inspired her to keep going when she was on the verge of quitting...

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Fantasy Fans Go Bats Over Batman At Inaugural Scream Awards

22nd July 2006

BATMAN has beaten SUPERMAN and the X-MEN by claiming 10 nominations for the inaugural Scream Awards. BATMAN BEGINS picked up nods for The Ultimate Scream, Best Fantasy Movie and Most Heroic Performance when the nominations...

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Bello: 'Monogamy Is Nonsensical'

15th July 2006

Hollywood beauty MARIA BELLO insists she will one of the last celebrities to settle down and marry - because she thinks its impossible to be faithful to one partner for life. The A HISTORY OF...

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'Blind' Bernal Bonds With Hurt

14th May 2006

Hollywood veteran WILLIAM HURT bonded with his latest co-star GAEL GARCIA BERNAL on the set of THE KING, because they are both so short-sighted. The A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE actor, 56, plays the estranged father...

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Mortensen Re-teams With Cronenberg

26th April 2006

Actor VIGGO MORTENSEN is reuniting with his A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE director DAVID CRONENBERG for the thriller EASTERN PROMISES. The film is based in London and centres around a nurse investigating the identity of a...

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Hurt's Oscar Stolen

15th February 2006

Academy Award nominee WILLIAM HURT is furious someone stole his Oscar while he was moving house last year (05). Hurt is currently nominated as Best Supporting Actor for A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, and won...

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Dillon Sad For Crash Co-stars

1st February 2006

Hollywood heart-throb MATT DILLON found his Oscar nomination bittersweet yesterday (31JAN06) - because he is the only member of the CRASH cast to be nominated for a performance in PAUL HAGGIS' acclaimed deconstruction of racial...

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Giamatti To Celebrate Oscar Nod With Pistols

1st February 2006

Academy Award-nominee PAUL GIAMATTI can't wait to return to his native America after filming in Canada, so he can celebrate his Oscar nod at a shooting range. The pistol-loving actor is up against GEORGE...

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Capote And Syriana Tie At Scripter Awards

16th January 2006

The writers of CAPOTE and SYRIANA tied at the annual University Of Southern California Scripter Award, which honours the year's best film adaptation of a book, novella or short story. Capote, based on the...

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Bello To Direct

13th January 2006

A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE beauty MARIA BELLO is planning to abandon acting to be a director. The talented star is convinced there's more to life than being a screen icon - and she's already...

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Bello Champions Normal Size Actresses

13th January 2006

A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE beauty MARIA BELLO has lashed out at the pressure to be skinny in Hollywood, insisting she will tell any director who asks her to lose weight: "f**k you!" The 38-year-old...

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Oscar Make-up Shortlist Revealed

11th January 2006

CINDERELLA MAN, A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE and THE LIBERTINE are among the seven films shortlisted for the make-up category at the Academy Awards. THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE,...

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Capote Voted Top Movie Of 2005

8th January 2006

TRUMAN CAPOTE biopic CAPOTE has been voted the Best Film of 2005 by America's National Society Of Film Critics. Actor PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN, who plays the legendary writer, was also named Best Actor by...

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Brokeback, Crash, Capote And Good Night Up For Guild Awards

5th January 2006

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, CRASH, CAPOTE and GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK have been nominated for awards by the Producers Guild Of America (PGA) and Writers Guild of America (WGA). The four films, together with JOHNNY...

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Afi Hails Top Films And Tv Of 2005

12th December 2005

STEVEN SPIELBERG's movie about a massacre at the 1972 Olympic Games, MUNICH, and blockbuster KING KONG are among the American Film Institute's (AFI) top ten films of 2005. Also acknowledged in the list are...

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La Critics Hail Gay Romance

11th December 2005

ANG LEE's gay romance BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN was hailed as the finest movie of 2005 by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association yesterday (10DEC05). Lee was honoured as Best Director for the JAKE GYLLENHAAL...

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Brokeback And Capote Top Gotham Nominations

26th October 2005

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN and CAPOTE have both won key nominations for the Gotham Awards, which are considered a sound indicator for next year's (06) Oscar contenders. The gay cowboy romance and the biopic of...

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Pride And Prejudice Holds On At The Top

6th October 2005

JOE WRIGHT'S PRIDE AND PREJUDICE remains aloft of the UK box office for the third week running, beating off a string of high profile new entries. DAVID CRONENBERG's acclaimed A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE debuted...

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Foster Cruises Steadily At The Top Of Us Box Office

3rd October 2005

JODIE FOSTER's latest movie FLIGHTPLAN remains aloft at the US box office, after taking in an extra $15 million (GBP8.3 million) of weekend revenue. SERENITY, a continuation of writer-director JOSS WHEDON's cult TV series...

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Cronenberg's Public Sex

26th September 2005

Eccentric film-maker DAVID CRONENBERG shocked his cast and crew on the set of new movie A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, by publicly performing sex scenes with his wife. The director hoped his explicit displays of...

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Movie Wife Helps Viggo Perfect His Accent

15th September 2005

Actor VIGGO MORTENSEN perfected his Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, accent for new movie A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE by socialising with his screen wife MARIA BELLO's family members. The LORD OF THE RINGS star was struggling with...

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Bello Upset That Freezing Waterfall Scene Has Been Cut

15th September 2005

THE COOLER star MARIA BELLO has been left devastated after learning that a freezing waterfall scene that she reluctantly filmed semi-nude in new movie A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE has been cut. The actress is...

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Mortensen Hosts Fish Fridays On Movie Set

15th September 2005

THE LORD OF THE RINGS star VIGGO MORTENSEN helped to lighten the mood on his hard-hitting new DAVID CRONENBERG movie A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE by hosting weekly fish nights. The keen fisherman shut down...

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Viggo + Maria Injured After Violent Sex Scene

14th September 2005

Movie stars VIGGO MORTENSEN and MARIA BELLO were left battered and bruised after shooting a hard-hitting sex scene on a wooden stairwell in new DAVID CRONENBERG film A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. The couple, who...

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