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The Wire Actor De Angelis Dies

2nd January 2006

THE WIRE star RICHARD DE ANGELIS has died of congestive heart failure at his home in Silver Spring, Maryland. He was 73. De Angelis, who played Baltimore cop COLONEL RAYMOND FOERSTER in the hit...

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Son Of The Mask Named Worst Film Of 2005

28th December 2005

Top website has named its worst films of 2005 and picked THE MASK sequel SON OF THE MASK as the top turkey of the year. The film, starring funnyman JAMIE KENNEDY, has been...

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Fascinating Fact 59

24th August 2005

One of the extras who bared all in JOHN WATERS' hit sex comedy A DIRTY SHAME was the movie-maker's assistant....

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Waters Plans Family-friendly Version Of A Dirty Shame

23rd August 2005

Movie maverick JOHN WATERS is re-editing his hit 2004 film A DIRTY SHAME for family viewing. The controversial film-maker believes the project should be available as a PG movie, even though it follows the...

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Waters Set For A Busy Day

14th June 2005

Cult film director JOHN WATERS is set for a busy day today (14JUN05) - because he's doing video signing sessions in both New York and Los Angeles. To mark the DVD release of A...

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Blair's Make-up Hell

11th November 2004

SELMA BLAIR still can't believe the size of her chest in A DIRTY SHAME. The actress had to spend four hours every morning having her breasts prosthetically enhanced to play the role of URSULA...

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Knoxville Defends Sexual Perversions

29th October 2004

Prankster-turned-actor JOHNNY KNOXVILLE's latest movie A DIRTY SHAME has given him a new understanding of sexual perversions. The star now believes unusual fetishes should not be condemned if they're enjoyed by consenting adults, after...

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Waters Condemned For 'Rage' Against Catholic Church

4th October 2004

Controversial movie maker JOHN WATERS has been attacked by a Catholic group which claims he has a "fixation on the scatological". The CATHOLIC LEAGUE are outraged by Waters' work, which it describes as a...

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Selma's Strip Club Embarrassment

20th September 2004

SELMA BLAIR used a late-night chat show appearance to apologise to her husband AHMET ZAPPA for frolicking with a gay stripper in a Canadian club. The actress hit the headlines in Toronto last week...

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Producer Blasts Nc-17 Rating On Waters Comedy

8th September 2004

The producer of JOHN WATERS' new comedy has slammed American censors at France's DEAUVILLE FESTIVAL OF AMERICAN CINEMA for giving the raunchy film a commercially unfriendly NC-17 rating. CHRISTINE VACHON has accused the Motion...

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Blair Goes Naked As Ursula Udders

17th March 2004

THE SWEETEST THING star SELMA BLAIR conquered her fear of being naked in public when she signed up to play a busty go-go dancer in JOHN WATERS' latest comedy A DIRTY SHAME. The actress...

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Selma Lands Busty Role

12th February 2004

Actress SELMA BLAIR is poised to shock fans with her craziest movie role to date - as a huge-busted nymphomaniac. Blair will play CAPRICE STICKLES in eccentric movie-maker JOHN WATERS' new film A DIRTY...

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