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Mr T Rejects Playboy Invites

29th March 2009

THE A-TEAM star MR T is proud of his decision to reject the Hollywood party scene - insisting he has turned down more than 25 invites to HUGH HEFNER's famous Playboy mansion. The 56-year-old actor, real...

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Scott Brothers To Make A-team Movie

28th January 2009

Filmmaker brothers RIDLEY and TONY SCOTT are teaming up to take hit TV show THE A-TEAM to the big screen. The long-rumoured big screen adaptation will hit movie theatres in 2010, produced by the British duo...

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Singleton Quits A-team Movie

27th October 2008

Director JOHN SINGLETON has pulled out of plans for a movie version of 1980s TV hit THE A-TEAM, after the project was postponed, according to reports. The Boyz n the Hood film maker had signed...

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Mr. T Takes On Dracula + Monsters In Comic Book Series

1st April 2008

Former THE A-TEAM heavy MR. T is taking on DRACULA, dinosaurs and assorted monsters in a new comic book series - and it's not an April Fool's Day prank. Mohawk Media publishers have turned the...

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Mr. T Brought Boy Out Of Coma

28th March 2008

Former THE A-TEAM star MR. T once stunned a sick child's family by bringing him out of a coma - after doctors begged the actor for help. The poorly kid fell unconscious in Detroit, Michigan...

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Beckinsale 'A-team' Accent Lessons

28th March 2008

British actress KATE BECKINSALE perfected her American accent as a child, with a TV diet of THE A-TEAM and KNIGHT RIDER. The Pearl Harbor beauty believes British actors find it easier to pick up an...

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Mr. T: 'I'll Never Cut Off My Mohawk'

22nd February 2008

THE A-TEAM star MR. T has vowed to never shave off his trademark mohawk - because he believes his exotic hairstyle has been the key to his Hollywood success. The tough guy - real name...

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Singleton To Revamp The A-team

17th December 2007

BOYZ N THE HOOD director JOHN SINGLETON is to lead THE A-TEAM onto the big screen. The TV vigilante crew will return 20 years after becoming a massive hit on the small screen in a...

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The A-team Reunite To Contact Deceased Peppard

22nd April 2007

The former stars of 1980s action series THE A-TEAM will reunite for a reality TV programme, in which they will attempt to contact their deceased co-star GEORGE PEPPARD. Actors Dirk Benedict, Mr T and...

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Shetty: Jade Is Not A Racist

29th January 2007

Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty has insisted that Jade Goody is not a racist in her first public comments on leaving the Celebrity Big Brother house.Emerging as the series winner after attracting the highest percentage of...

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Carole Booted Out Of Bb

13th January 2007

Carole has become the second person to be evicted from the Big Brother house, although three have walked out. The tabloid reporter was calm and reasoned during the eviction, saying, "We knew one of us...

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Shilpa Finds Big Brother's Dirk "Sexy"

10th January 2007

Dirk Benedict has still got what it takes to impress the ladies, apparently.The former A-Team star, known as The Face, has been described by Bollywood beauty Shilpa Shetty in the Celebrity Big Brother house as...

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Shilpa Can't Face An Older Man

10th January 2007

CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER'S lead man, the A-TEAM's DIRK BENEDICT, has admitted he feels a little something when he's near Bollywood superstar SHILPA SHETTY.The Face man told BIG BROTHER in the Diary Room: "Although I can't...

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Jackson 5 Star Enters British Big Brother House

4th January 2007

MICHAEL JACKSON's brother JERMAINE stunned British TV viewers when he was announced as the first of 11 contestants to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house last night (03JAN06). The former JACKSON 5 star promised the...

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Mr T Lands Skin Cancer Honour

3rd January 2007

THE A-TEAM star MR T has been honoured for battling skin cancer in San Francisco, California dermatologist DR VAIL REESE's quirky annual Skinnies Awards. Every January, Dr Reese hands out accolades to celebrities who look...

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Arnie For Extras?

12th December 2006

Arnold Schwarzenegger could one day appear on the hit television series Extras, well, that's if creator Ricky Gervais has his way.The Terminator actor and now governor of California is just one of a number of...

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Dynasty Producers Wanted Peppard, Loren And Dickinson

18th September 2006

The cast of glitzy 1980s soap DYNASTY could have looked very different if producers had decided to stick with their original stars. THE A-TEAM star GEORGE PEPPARD was originally cast as BLAKE CARRINGTON and ANGIE...

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Mr T Dumps The Bling

14th July 2006

Former THE A-TEAM star MR T has dump his medallions and gold jewellery after witnessing the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina on America's Gulf Coast last year (AUG05). The actor, real name LAWRENCE TETO, is...

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Mr T Shows His Cuddly Side

14th July 2006

Former THE A-TEAM star MR T insists he has moved on from his hardman image, despite admitting he's "qualified to beat people up". The beefy actor, 54, played tough guy BA BARRACUS in the classic...

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Mr T Returns To Tv

2nd May 2006

THE A-TEAM icon MR T will star as a self-help guru in new reality show I PITY THE FOOL on US network TV LAND. Mr T will help everyday people from car salesmen who need...

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Diggs To Revamp Mr T's A-team Role?

31st March 2006

RENT star TAYE DIGGS has become the clear favourite to replace MR T in the planned movie adaptation of hit TV action series THE A-TEAM. The film project has been kicking around Hollywood for a...

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Dead Star Approves Of A-team Tribute

5th March 2006

An upcoming Channel 4 documentary about classic series THE A-TEAM has been given the seal of approval - by late star GEORGE PEPPARD. Peppard, who died in 1994, was contacted by a Hollywood medium by...

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The A-team To Reunite

27th December 2005

TV heroes THE A-TEAM have agreed to reunite to film a one-off British TV special. The surviving stars of the 1980s primetime show - DIRK BENEDICT, MR T and DWIGHT SCHULTZ - will give...

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Homer To Drive Motorists Crazy

23rd November 2005

Cartoon slob HOMER SIMPSON is getting into gear to be one of the voices of a novel 'stars in your cars' satellite navigation system, directing drivers to their destinations. The yellow anti-hero will groan...

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Tv Mogul Cannell Wants To Work With Blake Again

18th March 2005

The TV mogul who turned ROBERT BLAKE into a star on BARETTA is keen to work with the 71-year-old star again, now he's been cleared of murdering his late wife. STEVEN J CANNELL, who...

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The A-team Return In Movie Remake

12th October 2004

THE A-TEAM will be brought back to life in a big screen remake of the cult 80's TV show, with burly muscle-man MR T on board for a cameo appearance. The original series' Vietnam...

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Bloom: Hasselhoff Inspired Me To Be An Actor

13th August 2004

Movie heart-throb ORLANDO BLOOM decided to become an actor because he wanted to be like DAVID HASSELHOFF and MR T. The LORD OF THE RINGS star loved watching 80s TV shows KNIGHT RIDER and...

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Character Actor Johnny Mann Dies

2nd May 2004

Former HAWAII FIVE-O actor JOHNNY MANN has died of complications from cancer. He was 73. The California native worked as an actor on Hawaii Five-0 and managed several restaurants in Hawaii after graduating college....

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Nick And Jessica Thrilled With Recruiting Mr T

7th April 2004

Pop couple JESSICA SIMPSON and NICK LACHEY were elated when THE A-TEAM icon MR T agreed to appear on their upcoming variety show, because he was one their childhood heroes. The singers have scored...

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Jessica Teams Up With Jewel + Kenny In Variety Show

23rd March 2004

JESSICA SIMPSON will duet with JEWEL and KENNY ROGERS on her first TV special in America next month (11APR04). The pop star-turned-reality TV queen will also perform with husband NICK LACHEY when the first...

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