A-ha are releasing an acoustic album to ''rediscover'' their classic hits.

The 'Take On Me' hitmakers have boasted a successful career at the helm of the music business spanning over 30 years, and the group have recently released their 'Acoustic Hits - MTV Unplugged' to remind them of how great the lyrics to their tracks were and to ''resurrect'' certain songs.

Speaking to Metro newspaper, Morten Harket, 58, said: ''We've had a career for more than 30 years and have a big catalogue of songs. Doing them acoustically is an opportunity for us to rediscover them - not just slightly change them but strip them down and resurrect them.''

And the group - which is also comprised of Magne Furuholmen and Pål Waaktaar-Savoy - teamed up with music producer Lars Horntveth to change some of the songs, although some of the alterations the band disagreed with.

Morten continued: ''We commissioned a producer and arranger, Lars Horntveth, to do what he wanted with the tracks for us to have something to react against.

''He presented stuff to us which we hate. And that was the purpose - we needed to wake up. We knew we needed to change things and we wanted to preserve the authenticity of the song. Having been together as much as we have, we've got used to our differences but all three of us responded in very similar ways. It made us realise how much we share.

''We could see why we were in a band together in the first place''.