A Flock Of Seagulls star Mike Score is convinced mankind is on the verge of a major discovery concerning life in outer space - 30 years after he sang about aliens making contact with earth in songs like (It's Not Me) Talking, Telecommunication and I Ran.
The pop icon, who now fronts a new-look Afos, had a string of international hits all about lights in the sky, unidentified flying objects and aliens at the beginning of the 1980s, but he admits his interest in sci-fi theories has waned over the years.
Now it's back and he believes all the earthquakes and tsunamis in recent years are connected to life on other planets.
He tells WENN, "When I was into it (life in space) when the band started, there wasn't that many people into it, and then when it became a very popular subject, I kinda opted out of it, but now, with all the things they're finding out, I'm back into it. I think they're gonna find out there's definitely life and life has affected things on this planet.
"There's too many planets and too many suns for it just to be us, and as soon as they find out, Toyota will put a factory out there and sell cars. It'll be great. I hope I'm around when they discover it.
"We'll all look back and go, 'How could we have been so stupid to think we're the only ones here?'"
And he hopes music fans will remember his songs about the inevitable day man discovers there's life out in space.
Score jokes, "I'll become president of the world!"