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A Week In Music - Bonobo Builds On Steady Career, Little Comets Supply Astronomical Memories, Palma Violets Return With Raucous Video

By Hayley Avron | 15th April 2013

Albums of Note... Bonobo, aka Simon Green, may not have found instant stardom in his career but his work is characterised by a steady progress that is reflected in his tracks. North Borders is the...

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Josh Duhamel, Rosario Dawson And Bruce Willis Fight 'Fire With Fire' (Trailer)

By Lorna Greville  | 27th February 2013

Taken and its wildly successful sequel have paved the way for revenge thrillers. Fire With Fire is the latest in this trend and with an impressive cast including stars Bruce Willis, Josh Duhamel and Rosario...

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50 Cent Turned Down By Erin Andrews After Rapper Swoops In For A Kiss At Daytona 500

By Joe Wilde | 25th February 2013

Well, this is awkward. At yesterday's (Feb 24) Daytona 500 race rapper 50 Cent was given the cold shoulder by Fox Sport correspondent Erin Andrew after the 'In Da Club' hit-maker tried to swoop in...

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50 Cent, Erin Andrews: Awkward Kiss Was Biggest Car-crash Of Daytona 500

By Hayley Avron | 25th February 2013

Video footage of that awkward-as-hell kiss between 50 Cent, Erin Andrews has made its way online, prompting 50 Cent to defend himself on Twitter by saying “Hey I wanted to kiss her so I did.”...

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Ouch! 50 Cent’S Attempted Kiss Evaded By Erin Andrews

By Jack de Aguilar | 25th February 2013

50 Cent has endured one of the more embarrassing things in life. To be left hanging for a high-five is one thing, walking on stage before your name is called is another (and this writer...

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Dear Whoever Tried To Kill Rick Ross, You're A Terrible Shot

By Michael West | 29th January 2013

Whoever emptied their weapon - allegedly an AK47 - in the direction of Rick Ross' Rolls Royce on Monday (January 28, 2013) was not fully trained in how to use his or her firearm. In...

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Sherlock Homes: 50 Cent Decides Rick Ross Hit And Run Incident Was 'Staged'

By Contributor | 29th January 2013

Whilst everyone else was breathing a sigh of relief that rapper Rick Ross had managed to escape a drive-by shooting attempt on Monday morning (January 28, 2013) 50 Cent reckoned he’d spotted something that we’d...

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Out Now: Us Album Releases, Django Unchained Ost Features Rick Ross, Chief Keef Banks On Hip-hop Heavyweight Support, Eric Clapton's Slowhand Revisited

By Hayley Avron | 18th December 2012

A mixed week for US albums releases; old classics given an airing, a major movie soundtrack launched and hip-hop artists new and old having a stab at chart success. Currently, the top of the US...

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Pictures: 50 Cent Goes Clubbing In Soho, London

By Michael West | 17th December 2012

James Arthur wasn't the only celebrity out clubbing in London on Sunday (December 16, 2012), with 50 Cent and his massive entourage also partaking in some end-of-the-week drinking and dancing. The superstar rapper turned up...

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French Montana Challenges 50 Cent To A Battle, Of Sorts.

By Lorna Greville  | 1st December 2012

Despite the recent resurgence of battle rapping making it's name in popular culture once again, unfortunately these rappers battling are leaving it to the sale numbers of albums rather than the ascerbic wit, tight bars...

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Eminem And 50 Cent Get Personal In ‘My Life’ Video, Ft. Adam Levine

By Hayley Avron | 27th November 2012

50 Cent and Eminem are getting deep, with their new music video, featuring Maroon 5’s Adam Levine. The video for ‘My Life’ premiered on MTV yesterday and Eminem told MTV that it's one big expensive...

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How To Cook A Turkey The 50 Cent Way! Thanksgiving Recipes By The G-unit Star

By Michael West | 22nd November 2012

On the hunt for a thanksgiving recipe? Want to know how to cook a turkey? Well, 50 Cent served up a pretty fine looking Thanksgiving bird to hungry new Yorkers and victims of Hurricane Sandy...

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Eminem Readying New Album For 2013

By Joe Wilde | 29th October 2012

Eminem could very well be readying himself to release album number 8 as early as next year, and the clue to its release may very well be found in a piece of merchandise of his.Earlier...

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Rick Ross, Slowly Working To Offend The Entire World.

By Michael West | 9th October 2012

Rick Ross is slowly but steadily working his way around the globe, evidently aiming to offend and irritate as many people as possible. Ross has had 'beef' with 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, “Freeway” Ricky Ross...

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Bet Awards Backstage Brawls- Gunplay Speaks About Rumors

By Michael West | 2nd October 2012

While there have been wide reports of the brawl between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy, the scuffle between 50 Cent's entourage and Gunplay had been largely ignored. Now, Gunplay has spoken out to on radio...

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Bet Awards Brawl: Gunplay Denies Gunplay

By Jack de Aguilar | 2nd October 2012

Gunplay has denied any shots being fired during the BET Awards brawl between him and 50 Cent’s security guards, reports MTV. Another scuffle broke out when Rick Ross and Young Jeezy clashed backstage in what...

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Bet Hip-hop Awards Descends Into Farce After Rick Ross, Young Jeezy Scuffle

By Contributor | 1st October 2012

The BET Hip-Hop Awards attracted all the wrong kinds of attention at the weekend, as the event held in Atlanta, Georgia descended into farce when police were called in to break up a spat that...

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50 Cent Talks About His Mother's Death

By Steven Williams | 16th March 2004

Curtis Jackson - better known as 50 Cent - became the aggressive bad boy rapper he is today when his mother was tragically and brutally murdered. The rapper lost his bisexual mother when he was...

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