Gustavo Almadovar - an erstwhile news reporter for ABC Central Florida affiliate WFTV - is enjoying the kind of fame only achieved by featuring in a viral video: 15 seconds. 

The Internet is a funny thing, isn't it? It just takes a spark, then it all blows up. The latest hit video, undoubtedly shared round office emails and Facebook profiles alike is Gustavo Almodovar's patented concoction of an accentuated pronunciation of his name and a raised eyebrow as he signs off numerous news segments. And we have to admit, it's pretty funny. "I'm not so sure it's worthy of the attention it has received," Almodovar, 46, now a marketing brand manager at Florida Hospital in Orlando, told Yahoo News on Monday. "Aside from friends and a few co-workers teasing me about the video, life has been quite ordinary. It's like bubble gum. People will chew it for a little while, toss it and move on." That's a nice metaphor.

Almodovar seems like a nice guy, and attributes humbly his sign off to a fellow professional, confessing that he can't take full credit for his sign-off. "There was an anchor at KCBS in Los Angeles in the late 1990s who, with his authoritative baritone voice, would deliver the toss to me in much the same way as you see in the video," the East Los Angeles native said, "without raising the eyebrow or turning his head."

Enjoy Gustavo Almadovar right here for yourself: