NBC Universal will be shedding around 100 jobs, according to Wall Street Journal. Their source – a person “familiar with the situation” has revealed that the cull will be part of a broader program of job cuts that have been made over the last few months. By the end of this week, the total number of jobs lost will total around 500.

When the job losses have all been announced, it’s expected that they will account for around 1.5% of NBC Universal’s workforce, according to the source. Around 100 people were cut from the G4 videogame cable channel, a few weeks ago. There had previously been two dozen reported layoffs at NBC’s The Tonight Show, at the end of the summer, as well as several job losses at the Universal film studio. The cuts were reportedly prompted by a budget review that NBC initiated this summer.

Elsewhere, Reuters have reported that NBC will be replacing the producer of The Today Show. This is the latest is a series of reshuffles in the show’s personnel, as it has slipped into second place in the ratings, behind Good Morning America. Alexandra Wallace is expected to be named as the new executive in charge of The Today Show. If the move is made, Wallace will become the first ever female to be in charge of the show.