10 million loans? For once, that phrase isn't about the current financial crisis that has plunged numerous countries into exorbitant amounts of debt. No, time this it's all about libraries and Danielle Steel, a largely more positive outlook. 

Since records began thirty years ago, cataloguing all the books borrowed, Danielle Steel is the only write to appear in the top ten for every single year. As the Daily Mail reports, it's thought that Steel is the biggest selling author still alive, and at the age of only 65 she's got plenty of time to rack up more sales and write more books.

Although she's not one to win numerous prizes for the quality of her literature, her work has seen her develop a wide and strong fan base world wide. Almost 600million books of hers are in print still and every one of them has been a best seller. They've been published in 47 countries and in 28 languages. What makes Ms Steel so popular? As her website states: "She deals with the themes that touch on the most pressing issues of real life, which makes her books universal, and touch so many people." 

Having written millions of words over the years, she hasn't changed her process and she still uses her "1946 Olympia manual typewriter" sometimes up to 20 hours a day.