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Evans Granted Restraining Order Against Ex-husband

27th February 2010 1:59

Country music singer SARA EVANS has won a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband CRAIG SCHELSKE.The star filed for the protective ban...

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U2 Crowned Industry's Top Money Makers

27th February 2010 1:59

Irish superstars U2 have been crowned the music industry's cash kings after raking in more than $108 million (£67.5 million) in 2009.The band's 360...

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Coleman Hospitalised For Apparent Seizure

27th February 2010 1:59

Former child star GARY COLEMAN has been hospitalised after suffering an apparent seizure on the set of U.S. TV news programme THE INSIDER.The...

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Fascinating Fact 8876

27th February 2010 1:59

KANYE WEST has launched a new blog - and his first post online is a near-nude photo of his model girlfriend AMBER ROSE. The controversial rapper...

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Fascinating Fact 8875

27th February 2010 1:59

Rocker JOEL MADDEN has been called on to entertain guests at the Academy Awards as the house DJ at next month's (07Mar10) ceremony. The Good...

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Solange's Twitter Page Hacked

27th February 2010 1:59

R&B star SOLANGE KNOWLES is fuming after her Twitter.com account was targeted by an internet hacker.The I Decided singer's blog on the social...

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The Beatnuts Rapper Sued By Fan

27th February 2010 1:59

THE BEATNUTS rapper PSYCHO LES has been sued by a fan over a concert in Aspen, Colorado last year (09).Kristin Scharrer has filed a $100,000...

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Kaulitz Fined For Fan Assault

27th February 2010 1:59

TOKIO HOTEL rocker TOM KAULITZ has been fined for assaulting a female fan at a gas station in Germany last year (09).The guitarist was accused of...

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Fascinating Fact 8877

27th February 2010 1:59

Shamed golfer TIGER WOODS has been dropped by another sponsor - energy drinks brand Gatorade has cut their ties with the scandal-hit sports star....

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Bowden Dating Director Goossen?

27th February 2010 1:59

Actress KATRINA BOWDEN's friendship with THE SHORTCUT director NICHOLAUS GOOSSEN is heating up - they have reportedly become a couple since working...

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Tax Trouble Prompts Smith To Abandon Fan-funded Movie

27th February 2010 1:59

Director KEVIN SMITH has been forced to abandon plans to accept fan donations to fund his movie RED STATE because tax issues have turned the...

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French Filmmaker Blanchet Killed In Kabul

27th February 2010 1:59

French filmmaker SEVERIN BLANCHET has been killed in a suicide attack by insurgents on a hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan.The documentary filmmaker, who...

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Stallone And Richards Land Bollywood 'Razzies'

27th February 2010 1:59

SYLVESTER STALLONE and former BOND girl DENISE RICHARDS' Bollywood debuts have been panned by critics - they have both received nominations for worst...

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The Things They Say 15564

27th February 2010 1:59

"A hot hand with dice is my idea of heaven. I can't describe it. Anyone who thinks gambling isn't for them would instantly change if they caught a...

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Silent Girlfriend Kimberley Walsh

27th February 2010 5:45

Kimberley Walsh sometimes doesn't speak to her boyfriend for days.The Girls Aloud beauty - who has been with beau Justin Scott for six years - says...

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Fussy Foodie Drew Barrymore

27th February 2010 5:45

Drew Barrymore is a "picky eater". The 35-year-old actress - who recently made her directional debut with 'Whip It!' - believes her vegetarian diet...

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'Entertainer' Leona Lewis

27th February 2010 5:46

Leona Lewis is not a pop star.The 'Bleeding Love' hitmaker - who shot to fame after winning UK TV talent show 'The X Factor' in 2006 - hates the tag...

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No Nude Worries For Julianne Moore

27th February 2010 6:45

Julianne Moore isn't worried about her kids seeing her nude in films.The 'Single Man' actress - who has children Caleb, 12, and seven-year-old Liv...

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Unprepared Dad Julian Casablancas

27th February 2010 9:31

Julian Casablancas is unprepared for fatherhood.The Strokes frontman - whose wife Juliet Joslin is due to give birth to their baby very shortly -...

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Mariah Carey's Facial Worries

27th February 2010 9:31

Mariah Carey has had a complex about her face since she was 19.The 40-year-old singer admits she has always been self-conscious about her appearance...

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Liv Tyler Healthy For Hollywood

27th February 2010 9:45

Liv Tyler feels under pressure to look good.The stunning actress - who has a five-year-old son Milo from her marriage to Royston Langdon - admits she...

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Shy Singer Elton John

27th February 2010 10:03

Sir Elton John is secretly shy. Singer Rufus Wainwright - who sought guidance from the 'Rocket Man' hitmaker in 2000 when he was struggling with an...

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Anthony Hopkins' Paris Blast

27th February 2010 14:01

Sir Anthony Hopkins claims Paris Hilton is a soulless machine. The Oscar-winning Welsh actor believes socialites are taking over Hollywood, and...

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Houston's Smoking Causing Tour Problems

27th February 2010 14:08

WHITNEY HOUSTON's tour promoter has offered an explanation for the singer's faltering voice - the star refuses to quit smoking.The R&B superstar took...

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Carrey Is A New Grandfather

27th February 2010 14:08

JIM CARREY is bursting with pride after welcoming his first grandchild.The Dumb And Dumber star's daughter Jane gave birth to son Jackson Riley...

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Precious Leads Naacp Image Awards

27th February 2010 14:08

Oscar contender PRECIOUS was the big winner at the 41st NAACP Image Awards on Friday (26Feb10), with the film's star GABOUREY SIDIBE landing an...

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Santana Party Patrons Arrested

27th February 2010 14:08

Two men have been arrested after allegedly using a bogus credit card to pay off a $28,500 (£17,800) bar tab at JUELZ SANTANA's 27th birthday...

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Jones' Charge Dropped

27th February 2010 14:08

Rapper JIM JONES is breathing a sigh of relief after a battery charge against him was dropped.The Diplomats star pleaded not guilty to the allegation...

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Bomb Squad Called To Osbourne Event

27th February 2010 14:08

A bomb squad rushed to an OZZY OSBOURNE book signing on Friday (26Feb10) after a man was caught with homemade fireworks in his backpack.The Black...

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Yamin Terrified By Chilean Earthquake

27th February 2010 14:08

Singer ELLIOTT YAMIN feared for his life when he was caught up in the massive earthquake which shook Chile on Friday (26Feb10).The Wait For You...

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The Things They Say 15565

27th February 2010 14:08

"I'm looking forward to seeing my fake nose in the film. I always think I've got a funny face anyway. I watch myself in films and think my face is...

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Lautner Drops Steel For Stretch

27th February 2010 14:08

TAYLOR LAUTNER has reportedly pulled out of playing crimefighter MAX STEEL - to devote himself to the upcoming STRETCH ARMSTRONG movie.The hunky teen...

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Koenig's Producer Stunned By Death

27th February 2010 14:08

The producer of ANDREW KOENIG's last film is "shocked and surprised" by the actor's apparent suicide - because the star seemed so happy on set.Miller...

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Radcliffe Films Anti-homophobia Ad

27th February 2010 14:08

DANIEL RADCLIFFE is hoping to stamp out homophobia by starring in a new campaign encouraging tolerance for all sexual orientations.The Harry Potter...

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Stephen Merchant's Schwarzenegger Fascination

27th February 2010 17:02

Stephen Merchant couldn't take his eyes off Arnold Schwarzenegger's "massive" head. The comic actor - who co-wrote 'The Office' and 'Extras' with...

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