Stone Keeps Singing Style Straight

British soul sensation JOSS STONE refuses to perform "vocal acrobats" on her songs, like stars CHRISTINA AGUILERA and MARIAH CAREY.

The 17-year-old singer prefers to perform in a more straightforward manner so her fans can relate to it - although she admits she's unsure if she really could put on an elaborate rendition of any of her tracks.

She says, "The thing is, everyone seems to think that I'm this great singer who can do all the runs but that I just choose not to. That's a lie.

"Maybe if I really, really wanted to do it and put my mind to it and worked out how to do it I could. But people just like to hear songs. Just sing the song and tell the story.

"Otherwise, people won't be listening to the story, they'll just be listening to all these (vocal) tricks.

"I don't want to showcase my voice - I want people to listen to my music as a whole, to be happy and smile when they listen to it and feel some kind of emotion. They can't do that with somebody doing all these crazy acrobatics all over it."

28/09/2004 09:25


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