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Thank you so much for your concern, Mr. Shatner. The animal suffering in the aftermath of katrina is a second tragedy of unprecedented proportions. There is no reason why officials such as Governor Blanco can't step up to the plate and help. The animal/pet devastation could have been further prevented if this happened when the calls for help from people all over the country stepped forth. Many people from all over the USA went to her state and depleted emotional, physical, and monetary resources to assist with the animal issues.....not even a public thank you was granted. This situation has reached an international level with people in shock over the delayed response of our government. Over 65% of households in the US have pets and value animals. I quess the majority of taxpaying Americans concerned over the issue don't count. Governor Blanco? You really need to lift your finger to help now!.....before the toll is taken and blame is awarded in a rightful manner.
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8 years 9 months ago
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