Sarandon's Near-Death Dolphin Horror

Actress SUSAN SARANDON was nearly killed when she was attacked by a jealous female dolphin. In the 1970s the THELMA + LOUISE star was invited by American writer TIMOTHY LEARY to interact with dolphins in a San Francisco, California, lab and she struck up a bond with a friendly dolphin called JOE The Oscar-winning actress was enjoying holding onto Joe's fin when the mammal's jealous mate suddenly lunged, taking a chunk out of her wrist. She tells, "After he trusted me more, I took hold of Joe's fin and we glided around the tank together. "Then Joe stopped swimming horizontally and pushed up against me. I thought the whole experience was just groovy until I felt this horrible pain on my wrist, which was holding Joe's fin." "I could hear them (researchers) shouting, 'No, ROSIE! Don't!' I looked over and Joe's mate, this huge dolphin I hadn't even noticed before, was virtually standing up right out of the water, towering over me on its rear fins," "She seemed to be 12 feet tall, emitting this loud, high-pitched noise. The attendants were screaming, 'We've got to get you out!' I was afraid I was going to get my other arm broken." Later, researchers told Sarandon that Rosie's bite, which took months to heal, was a "warning nibble," and that "if she had made that plunge toward me, I would have been killed instantly as surely as if Rosie had been a shark. "Apparently, an enraged, jealous dolphin is incredibly dangerous. What a way to die! Who would have believed it?"


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