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Hi!!!! I am a very proud Barbadian whenever I hear Rihanna's tunes.:-)A music freak for this music too. The children in my sons' class FREAK OUT!!!!! , at the tunes and sing them word for word whenever they're at lunch, in their small groups both boys and girls adore your style and music, even though they are between 5 and 6 years old. My sons Gavin and Alex raise the bass on the radio, turn up the tv , dance like crazzzy and are totally in tune with her tunes everyday . CONGRATS!!!:-))) I applaud you Rihanna for going all the way to the top at such a young age. Never mind the disparaging remarks of some, alot of us out there are very much in your corner. The music is very infectious , you look fabulous and would give any of th e seasoned musicians a run for their money. Take a bow at your accomplishments, which to my mind as well as Gavin and Alex and his friends... they are very much well deserved. You may not realize it yet, but y ou are a mentor to the very young, who are watching you be sincere in y our eforts to be yourself, while being classy and very patriotic at the same time. CIAO from Gavin Alex and Allison.
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