Reilly Likes Being A Cop Lookalike

CHICAGO star JOHN C REILLY has discovered a perk to looking like a typical police officer - he never gets stopped for speeding.

The actor, who has played cops in a number of films, assumes officers don't stop him because they think he's one of them.

He remembers one occasion when he was driving home from vacation after playing a cop in director PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON's 1999 cult film MAGNOLIA: "I was driving this big RV and I had the big crazy cop moustache and these blue blocker sunglasses... and I was speeding.

"I catch out the side of the RV window this police car right next to me, a highway patrol officer, and I was like, 'Oh my God, oh no, oh no! Worst case scenario.'

"And then I kind of threw a little glance over to the cop and he looks at me and he's got the same sunglasses, the same moustache. He give me one of those, 'Slow it down, you're one of us' (looks). He must have assumed I was a cop on holiday."

01/05/2005 14:43


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