Patric's Painful Narc Shoot

JASON PATRIC found shooting last year's (02) cop-thriller NARC one of his most difficult experiences - because the project was constantly running out of money.

The 37-year-old found playing a undercover drugs officer draining enough - without having to contend with a film crew threatening to quit because they weren't getting paid.

He explains, "After, like, three weeks we found out that we weren't getting paid. There was no money, so every day we were wondering if there was going to be enough, literally, for film. And you're dealing with those emotionally-different levels of character, so it was by no means fun."

"What bothered me was that there was a sort of semi-mutinous crew, who had been getting paid. The only ones that at that point weren't getting paid was certain vendors and of course the actors."

"I tried to use in the piece the sort of 'us against the world'. I'd been cast as an outsider like these cops were."

01/09/2003 17:17


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