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I have never written anything like this but if Pamela reads it, and I hope she will, this is for her and all the others of us who are fighting the dragon.Dear Pamela;I am so sorry to hear when one human contracts the virus. I was diagnosed in 1989 with what was called "non-A non-B hepatitis". In the early 90's I learned it was Hepatitis C. I did not take treatment. I was an RN and enjoyed my practice and did not want to slow down. We did not know too much about the disease then.Finally in 1998 I got so tired I could hardly pick my legs up. BUT we were traveling the country in our RV and I didn't want to stop. So I didn't doing anything about it until 2000. I didn't drink, tried to exercise, etc.In 2000 I was hospitalized for a broken ankle and it was then that the hepatitis C came to light. I had a biopsy that showed stage 4 cirrhosis. The doctors said I had only a 10-15% chance of clearing the virus.None the less I took the treatment, and it didn't work. I was evaluated for a liver transplant and in Dec 2004 I was placed on the list to be transplanted at OHSU Portland, Oregon (we live in Wa.)The wait is really long and many die waiting. In fact is that an American dies every 7 minutes while waiting for an organ (all organs not just livers).Not to scare you, but to try to get you to at least check everything out, let me give you an update on myself. My liver has now affected my lungs causing pulmonary hypertension (so far no meds have worked to help it yet).I have to wear oxygen all the time now. Also my kidney is starting to have problems as well. I have been hospitalized 4 times in the past month alone. I prefer to walk and sometimes consider it a "giving up" but I also use an electric wheelchair on the "bad" days. I am an advocate for Hepatitis C and liver disease. I help moderate a web site called Janis & where I try to help others know what to ask their doctors about treatment, genotypes, viral loads, biopsy, lab work, etc.So far, Pam, the herbal therapies etc that are out there just do not work. Hep C is a virus....the common cold is also a virus and they have yet to find a cure even for it !!!And then there is the cost. From diagnosis to transplants costs over a million dollars. None of us deserve a second chance at is an honor to get one.My husband and I are trying to get him qualified for him to be a "living donor"..that is to donate 1/2 of his liver to me. But at this point it is cost prohibited.I hope that you will choose to be an advocate as well. People will listen to you quicker than me even though I help others at least 8 hrs a day via the computer. Please Please use this horrible thing as an opportunity to make a difference to the almost 4 million people who have it !! Thanks so much. I can be contacted at One more thing....ATTITUDE will make a huge difference in your own success at killing the dragon. (what the virus is called). If you can't keep doing the things you love at least on a limited basis, you might as well take your toys and go home !! (Oh by the way...laugh a lot !!!)I wish you the best on your own journey. Please feel free to have me checked out and contact me at anytime.SincerelySelles Dole
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