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Dear Yoko - Family of "John" and esp "Paul and Ringo" I know everyday must be hard how do you set aside one day and say this will be the only day I will CRY AND MOURN For our fallen {Husband,Father,Dearest FRIENDs AND BROTHER IN ARMS} AND for all of us who still love him as well..I can not began to tell you since sick-o Chapman took him from us... "fan" can not be used properly to describe the rest of us!....I Really believe in John Lennon and His Music it is Time-Less and Will Always Love The BeaTles That to servives the generations I was born in 1961...It was a great part of my life and I would not have it any other way if I could change it by going back in time I would not change a Thing...it was an good time I bonded with my Oldest sis...she introduced me to The BeaTles when I was Only 3 years old and I will fondly remember that day for the rest of my life {that is one of my Happy Thoughts That I carry with me forever she past to breast cancer in 1999} So Yoko I know a Lot of Loss too, I lost my dad when I was only 17yrs old he was only 47yrs...I like to think there is an great plan behind OUR loss and Pain the "KARMA" thing {I Meditate A Lot Trying to find My Way Back Home...Someone wise once said..."ONCE THERE WAS A WAY TO GET BACK HOME-WARD...ONCE THERE WAS A WAY TO GET BACK HOME..." OH Well Remember only the Good Days and carry your HAPPY THOUGHTS WITH YOU WHERE EVER YOU GO! With Lots of Peace and Love from Lexington, VA Angie
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