Notorious Big Murder Witness Backs Away From Initial Claims

The mystery surrounding NOTORIOUS BIG's murder has deepened, after a key witness told authorities that most of the evidence he gave was "hearsay".

Since 2002, the late rap star's mother, VOLETTA WALLACE, has been pursuing a $20 million (GBP10.5 million) lawsuit against the LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT (LAPD) for allegedly failing to follow up leads in the case and possibly covering up an officer's involvement.

Police informant 'PSYCHO MIKE', who helped promote the belief that BIG was shot by an associate of rap mogul MARION 'SUGE' KNIGHT with the aid of a corrupt LAPD officer, said during a recent deposition in Voletta Wallace's suit that he was not telling the truth, according to the LOS ANGELES TIMES.

Mike admitted under oath that his story was "all hearsay". In addition to receiving money from the LAPD and several other law agencies investigating the shooting, Mike received time off his jail sentence in exchange for his information. He even picked out a picture of the alleged gunman, AMIR MUHAMMAD.

But he now acknowledges he made up large portions of his murder theory - even declaring that he considers himself a "lifelong paranoid schizophrenic".

Muhammad, who was an associate of a crooked former officer named DAVID MACK, was cleared and eventually dropped from the witness list in the civil suit.

While the LAPD is still probing the case, the FBI closed its 18 month investigation into the murder in January (05), ruling that the limited evidence provided "no basis for prosecution".

Notorious Big, real name CHRISTOPHER WALLACE, was gunned down in Los Angeles in 1997.

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If you had told me ten years ago, or even two for that matter, that I would be heavily involved in the Los Angeles Police Department Rampart Scandal, I wouldn’t have believed you to save my life. I have never been arrested, or even stopped by the LAPD.I’m for certain not an LAPD officer, nor am I affiliated with or involved with the law enforcement at all. As a matter of fact, I’ve been on the opposite of the law for quite some time, now.I was incarcerated with Rafael Perez for almost nine months at Los Angeles county jail facility in Lynwood, California. I was housed with Rafael because I have a family member who is involved with law enforcement. That is where Perez and I became friends, very good friends I might add.Perez and I were confidants. We confided in each other; we ate together; we played cards together; we went to church together, and we also played sports together. The only thing that prevented us from hanging out together was if he was at a board of rights hearing, interviews with investigators that were sorting out the rampart matters, or if he was on an attorney visit. After we became friends, we hung out and talked daily, sometimes for hours at a time. We were adversaries for a time at the gambling table, but later became unbeatable partners in spades.I had the opportunity to meet some of Rafael’s family. I have met his mother and his wife. They are wonderful people. I have also met his daughter, who I referred to as Karate Kid because she takes Karate classes and is said to be pretty good. I also met Rafael’s brother and his brother’s wife when they came down from Pennsylvania to visit him.Perez and I had numerous and long discussions about a lot of different issues, from corruptions to politics. Perez respected my views on certain issues and in turn, I respected his. There was respect that never came into question, nor was it ever jeopardized. I did not condone what Rafael had done, nor was I going for his attempt to justify what he had done. I did, however, respect him for what he was doing, which was cleaning his side of the streets. He was getting rid of some really scary skeletons in his closet. While Perez was cleaning his side of the streets, he was dispensing his garbage on all the other sides, trying to clutter and compromise other peoples’ lives and livelihood. There is not any doubt in my mind that Rafael’s street justice will affect hundreds, if not thousands of people and their families. Their lives will be turned upside down, and never be the same again. Perez will continue to dump his garbage until his release from custody. Perez is a very arrogant man and would boast about it. I pray that all the innocent victims and their families whose lives have crossed Rafael Perez’s life have the strength and courage to stand up and withstand a man who has vowed to do everything in his power to achieve his objectives, and to step on anyone who stands in the way of his plots and schemes to be rich, free and as far as possible from the united States of America. I’m glad our paths crossed when they did and not before, or I would have more than likely been dead in jail. This man that has fooled so many people, the courts, the Los Angeles Police Department, his family and last, but not least, himself, has found a way to be placed back in a power position. He has somehow gotten back his credibility, and won the trust of the mayor, chief of police and the host of the judiciary community. With that rust and power, Rafael will destroy thousands of lives all over again., Who would have guessed that a year or so after befriending the former LAPD officer, I would be back, but not as his friend, but rather as a thorn in his side and in the sides of the officials trying to cover this up? I had no idea of how much of an impact I would have. There were people coming at me from all angles, wanting to know the depth of how much I actually knew. There were also people that didn’t want what I knew out in the open. For me, to know a lot of things that I had no business knowing was a bit scary, especially when it could possibly save the lives and livelihoods of a few innocent officers and destroy the live of some. Not to mention, I would be going up against some very big political heavyweights. I was told by an investigator that a man named Henry Rodriguez, who happened to be an e Los Angeles police officer, was incarcerated with Perez and me, and overheard Perez and I taking; the rest is history. There was also a deputy sheriff, Claudia Rodus who took notice of the friendship of Perez and myself and told the investigators about it. She also caught me in Rafael’s cell when we were reading some police reports. There isn’t much trust when dealing with a scandal of this magnitude, however, I have taken a small chance by relaying a portion of information to two officers from the Los Angeles Police Department officer representation section that have been visited by homicide detectives. City attorneys, criminal attorney, and members of the judiciary. I have been told that the Federal Bureau of investigations wishes to speak with me, but as of this date, they have yet to contact me. I have also attended several board of right hearings for officers who Rafael has implicated in wrong doings, and I am scheduled to attend a lot more.I believe in God and his Word. I am also a firm believer that what is in the dark shall come to the light. Brace yourself, people. I have inserted a 1500 watt bulb and I am about to hit the switchCHAPTER 1 MEETING RAFAEL PEREZIn November of 1999 I was arrested by the Long Beach Police Department on a one million dollar burglary warrant. I was arraigned and sent to the Los Angeles County Jail for processing. Because I have a family member involved in law enforcement. I was classified as a K-1 inmate. I have spent a good portion of my life behind bars, and I have always been sent to the general population. I had my share of involvement in riots and every other negative aspect of jail life. Being a K-1 inmate was totally new to me.
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