Mila Kunis: I'm A Bad Jew

THAT '70S SHOW star MILA KUNIS has declared herself a "bad Jew" because she celebrates Christmas in her home all year round - and knows very little about Hanukkah.

The Ukraine native, girlfriend of actor MACAULAY CULKIN, admits she only really gets involved with most holidays because she likes the idea of receiving gifts, and her home has been stuck with a Yuletide theme continuously for years. She says, "I like presents, so I'll celebrate anything. I'll celebrate Kwanza if somebody gives me a present. I have a Christmas tree in my house that I bought at K-MART. It rotates."

But most bizarre is Kunis' permanent Christmas decorations in her home.

She adds, "It started off because I was too lazy to take it down 'cause it comes in three pieces and I was like, 'Screw it. I'm just gonna leave it up.' And then it just became a theme of my house. I have my Christmas lights up, I have the fake snow on my table. It's really disturbing. It's July and I'm like, 'Oh Christmas!'

"But I still celebrate Hanukkah. I don't understand. I'm like a really bad Jew. I celebrate it 'cause I get presents. Hanukkah's a beautiful holiday, but I don't know what (it's about)."

06/05/2004 20:57


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