Mekhi Slams Sam

Up-and-coming Hollywood star MEKHI PHIFER has slammed SAMUEL L JACKSON for saying he wouldn't work with hip hop stars.

The 8 MILE star says that Jackson's statement that he wouldn't work with "rappers who act" was unfortunate.

He says, "First of all, rappers aren't taking roles from him. so I don't understand why he's so passionate about not working with rappers. Is it just rappers? Would he not have worked with HARRY BELAFONTE or FRANK SINATRA or BETTE MIDLER or any number of actors who sing? Would it matter if they were UPS workers? Sam Jackson used to be a crackhead! Would it be intelligent for me to say I don't ever want to work with anybody who ever smoked crack, or was on the street? I think it's a very silly statement.

"I don't appreciate it and I don't ever look forward to working with him, actually."

Phifer adds, "Now he's doing a movie with LL COOL J! So he's a contradictory, hypocritical dumb ass. We can't respect anything he says after that."

21/05/2003 17:17


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