Lisa Marie: 'I'm Never That Fat'

LISA MARIE PRESLEY hates the public fixation on her weight, especially when tabloids doctor photographs to make her look huge.

The rocker daughter of ELVIS PRESLEY insists she hovers around the 180 pound (81.6 kilograms) mark when she's at her heaviest but she's made to look like a blimp by the sleaziest publications, especially when her career is going well.

Appearing on OPRAH WINFREY's daytime show in America yesterday (28MAR05), she said, "When I was on my first tour the record was doing well, so they were p**sed off and they didn't have any other route to go but go, 'OK, so we're gonna make her look like what became of her father...' It was this whole campaign.

"They'd (newspaper bosses) actually put the most unflattering (photos) on the cover... and then they actually took my car out of a photo and made my dress and my face as big as the car and it was on the cover.

"I was sitting there going, 'How can they actually doctor this and get away with it?'

"They love it; they're so honed in on that right now. It's sick and pathetic and I hate it and it causes women to have a lot of problems."

29/03/2005 08:58


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