Jaws Number One Horror Flick

STEVEN SPIELBERG's classic shark horror JAWS has been voted the scariest film ever.

The 1975 movie still manages to terrify viewers three decades later.

Sequel JAWS 2 came in at number five in the poll by Internet website Hollywood.com - just in time for Halloween.

Supernatural chiller THE EXORCIST was second scariest, with ALIEN, THE MUMMY RETURNS and WHAT LIES BENEATH also making the top ten.


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I do recall that Jaws was a scarey flick, and I'm not a great fan of scarey films. Alien, however, had me more apprehensive and gave me bigger jumps. I didn't like the gore of the sequels, so from the previews did a pass on them, as with things Freddy, chainsaw, and the like. Psycho had been about as bad as I had watched before. Play Misty for Me was one that I also have tremendous respect for still. I next saw Roy Sheider as the shrink on Still of the Night, so between that and Jaws, I thought he was a pretty great actor. Unfortunately, he found himself in less sterling scripts most of the time afterwards, usually playing the same personna. That may have worked for John Wayne or Clint Eastwood, but it conversely stymied people like Gregory Peck. Pity.Recently, however, I was in a situation where we were visiting some people out in the countryside. They had several very large dogs. One of them stretched up to put his paws on the roof of the car while another's nose was smearing up my windows while all four paws were still on the ground (yes, we wisely left the windows up). Though I had not seen, much less thought about, Jaws in a very long time, my first comment was, "I think we need a bigger boat."
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