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For this ..... 'gentleman' to have come forward on the onus of writing a book about MJ says it all, doesn't it. Wonder why he took the job in the first place? So he could air MJ's 'dirty laundry' at an undetermined date? This does nothing but further fan the flames of bias and provokes the already mismanaged media in their spin-doctoring and rush to judgement.IMO, this .... 'gentleman' is the one that should be on trial, for he aids and abets the over-the-top process of condemnation before a fair judgment can even be applied. Whatever happened to, 'innocent until proven guilty'? People like this are the lowest SCUM of the earth, for with their help via rushes of judgement, there are many prematurely dead or jailed and injured men and women who should not be!I, for one, do not intend to buy his piece of trash book; there are already too many others drooling and rushing to read the 'details' of his no-doubt slapped together rag. I doubt it will be anywhere near accurate.--TW
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9 years 3 months ago
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