Hathaway's Hollywood Casting Theory

THE PRINCESS DIARIES star ANNE HATHAWAY insists she only lands top roles turned down by more accomplished actresses. Hathaway claims film-makers work their way down a list of stars and her name is near the bottom. She says, "I'm on the long short list. But I'm not on the short short list, which is NATALIE PORTMAN, SCARLETT JOHANSSON and KEIRA KNIGHTLEY." Although she's not usually the first choice, she insists she's thrilled to even be considered. She adds, "I'm happy to be in the race with this level of people. "I'm the person who gets the script three people after Natalie turns it down - that's awesome!"


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Sorry Anne you carn't have it both ways, you have managed to keep a very low profile, with little or no media or press exposure. I fully appriciate that if every time you go out some idiot thrusts a camera in your face this will be most upsetting, but how can you expect to be the first person they think of, unless your name is on everybodys lips. Couple this with the stupid remarks you have made lately, suggesting you have little confidence in your own ability, and relying on your more visule assets rather than your considerable talent dose not help. You have allready proven you just as talented and just as accomplished as those on your list. You have a simple choise do you consider your career more important than you privacy. Suggesting that you will not do justice to the Jane Austen roll is nonsence. You can certainly take heart from the simple fact that the producers chose you an American to play this very Englist roll, they had plenty of English actresses on offer, they would hardly risk investing millions of dollars in the film, if they did not have complete confidence that you were the right choise. If TDWP is successful followed by BJ which certainly has the potential, as it will interest the vast following of Jane Austen, you will be thrust into the media spotlight like it or not. This will provide the Golden opportunity but only if you chose the right dress makeup and hair do, when you attend the Premier, not always how you have presented yourself in the past. Don't forget Jane Austen was 20 and this is how the public will expect you to look. In my humble oppinion for what it is worth it would appear, and the facts uphold this theory, that you have accepted some poor advice,in the past form someone who has not always had your best interest at heart. If that is so, then take someone you can trust when you shop for the dress you will wear to the Premier of BJ, and will not be afraid to tell you if your choise is not acceptable. Best of Luck, don't throw this oppertunity away.
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