Experts List Top 40 Best Tv Shows

Experts at British TV listings magazine RADIO TIMES have drawn up a list of the 40 best television programmes of all time.

Included in the top 40 are such varied shows as THE SIMPSONS, FAWLTY TOWERS, THE OFFICE and THE SWEENEY.

However, there are a few notable exclusions including acclaimed mafia drama THE SOPRANOS and STAR TREK.

The TV editor of Radio Times, ALISON GRAHAM, says, "It's the connoisseur's guide to discerning TV. I had an awful lot of weeding out to do.

"It's quite an emotional thing because TV viewing is quite emotional, whether you are a soap fan or you like your documentaries. You do get quite carried away. But it's a bit pointless if it gets beyond 40.

"Everyone has their own list of this type and I'm certain there will be lots of letters saying, where's DOCTOR WHO or STAR TREK?"

26/08/2003 17:49


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