Daisy Duke Hits Out At Movie Remake

CATHERINE BACH, who played DAISY DUKE in THE DUKES OF HAZZARD television series, has blasted movie bosses for failing to give her a cameo in the big screen remake.

The 50-year-old, who has been replaced by busty blonde JESSICA SIMPSON in the movie, is hurt producers failed to consult the original cast members when they worked on their version.

Of Simpson, Bach says, "I never heard from Jessica. I knew the movie was being made. But it wasn't until the final week of shooting that I got a call from one of the producers saying he was sorry we never went any further with that role we had discussed for me.

"What role? What discussion? It was the first I'd heard of it. Could I have been Daisy again? You won't hear me say that... but there could have been a Daisy whose life had moved on, who by now was a mother.

"I'm not the writer, but I believe it could have worked. I'm disappointed they couldn't find places within the framework of the Hazzard County stories for some of the originals who made it work.

"No-one wants to feel they're retired. No-one wants to feel they're not important any more. It was hurtful not to be called."


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I am sorry to hear the cast of Dukes was upset about not bieng contacted.But I think everybody is really makeing a big deal for nuttin.Jessica was never trying to take anybody's place.She was simply doing what she always wanted to do.I think Kathrine Bach should be proud of Jess.She did an awsome job.I watched every episode of Dukes growing up.I love it and the charicters.But this is the 20th centry people!!I really don't think people want to go see a movie with Daisy bieng 50 years old.We are talking daisy duke shorts.And bikini tops.Kathrine was the bomb back in her day.But she is 50 years old now.And if u ask me I think most of the people that went to that movie (Even me)only went to see Jessica.I would not have gone to see it other wise.Just because that show is old now!So everybody needs to give the charecters now credit.They worked hard on the movie and they deserve it!!WAY TO GO JESSICA!!Michelle
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9 years 4 weeks ago
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i disagree with ppl who think this film is just a bunch of the cast shouting Yehaw in a car. i loved the film and i loved the cast. Each character in the dukes of hazzard i know them as - jessica simpson an amazing singer, johnny knowxville - jackass star, which i absolutely loved! and seann william scott as american pie stifler. i think this movie is great and one of my fav ones at the moment. i think jessica simpson did a great job as daisy duke as she has never acted before. also her song is great, these boots are made for walking. iv watched newlyweds and seen her practice for the dukes of hazzard and seen it was hard work. well done. - also the duke cousins, bo and luke did a brilliant job seann william scott, johnny knoxville, and jessica are my fav celebs and seeing them all in a movie is so cool!!!!! Sophie x yehaww!!
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8 years 8 months ago
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