Cruise's Mission Falls Short Of Box Office Expectations

TOM CRUISE's latest MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE movie has under-performed at the US box office, taking in $30 million (GBP17.1 million) less than experts predicted. The third movie in the all-action franchise still stormed to the top of the US box office, but fell short of expectations, grossing $48 million (GBP27.4 million) in its opening weekend (06-07MAY06). The critically acclaimed film was expected to debut in America with sales of at least $75 million (GBP42.9 million). That said, the movie, which also stars VING RHAMES, MICHELLE MONAGHAN, PHILLIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN and JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS, still made $37 million (GBP21.1 million) more than second placed RV, which debuted at number one last weekend (30APR06). Mission: Impossible III also performed well internationally, and grossed a global haul of $70 million (GBP40 million). The film has some way to go to break even - it reportedly cost $150 million (GBP85.7 million) to make. Also debuting in the US box office top 10 this week is horror film AN AMERICAN HAUNTING at number three and family film HOOT, which took in a poor $3.4 million (GBP1.9 million) to enter the list in ninth place. ICE AGE: THE MELTDOWN - the first film this year (06) to break the $100 million (GBP57.1 million) mark in America - continues to perform well at the box office. The animated sequel grossed $4 million (GBP2.3 million) in its sixth week on release, taking its tally to a whopping $183.3 million (GBP104.6 million).


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Little Tommie Cruise looks like he's starting to fade big time at the box office. Which apart from being long overdue is enormously amusing and smacks of (almost) instant karma.His mindbending kult obsessions are obviously a part of this, but its the smug wierdo behaviour - like sneering at Ms Shields - whilst controlling the life of his new 'puppydog' Katie that is most disturbing. According to credible media reports she is not allowed the independence of a normal adult and the scientology sickos are in her face everywhere she goes. Cruise obviously couldn't fully control the more independent minded Kidman in the way he does poor little Katie. Cruise's career long piss poor acting ability, the fixed brainless vapid smug smirk and intense on screen robotics (masquerading as method acting) hardly help the box office either. Happily we the folks FINALLY seem to be seeing through this scientology victim - lets hope his career crashes and burns ever more dramatically. Maybe he'll have to demand some of the millions back he's paid to the evil kult that he rams down everyone's throat to sustain his beverley hills lifestyle. In all seriousness I feel kind of sorry for him - but its all self inflicted. If he managed to lose the supercilious narcissism and the scientology induced paranoia then he might not lose his career. But who REALLY gives a s**t??? If this is the price of fame and fortune then you can stick it where the over priced worthless e-meter dont shine!!!
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