Chilkis Turns Hero To Save Former Prime Minister's Wife From Fire

THE SHIELD star MICHAEL CHIKLIS turned firefighter at a recent gala for his new movie THE FANTASTIC FOUR when he came to the rescue of co-star JULIAN McMAHON's mother - Australia's one-time First Lady.

McMahon's parents were attending a launch party for the film when the actor's mother set her boa on fire.

Chiklis says, "It extends all the way down to the back of her knee and I'm standing with my back to her and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I hear someone scream, `Fire!' and I turn and Mrs McMahon is on fire.

"She had been leaning back and a candle caught her boa on fire and she wasn't on a little bit of fire, and her hair had an awful lot of product in it.... Had I not acted quickly, it would have been a minor explosion.

"So I grabbed her by the boa and I whip it off her, I strip down the fire... I'm the hero of the day and I took the Prime Minister's wife and I say to her, 'Are you OK?'

"She turns to me with her Martini - never spilled a drop - and said, 'Why wouldn't I be?' I said, 'Well, you were on fire.' And she says to me, 'No, no, no, that was my boa.'"

04/07/2005 02:50


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