Charlotte Church Dumps Cheating Boyfriend

Teenage singer CHARLOTTE CHURCH has dumped her boyfriend STEVEN JOHNSON, after finding out he's been two-timing her.

The VOICE OF AN ANGEL star has thrown the part-time DJ out of her luxury home in Cardiff, Wales, and even dropped his belongings at his mother's house in the city.

Devastated Charlotte has gone back home to be comforted by her mother MARIA, who always publicly condemned the relationship, after learning of Steven's fling with a model.

Heartless Steven says, "It's true, Charlotte and me are not together any more.

"I'm with someone new now. She's a model. You'll find out who she is soon enough.

"As far as I know Charlotte's gone back to her mum's. I don't know how she is because I haven't spoken to her. Her mum will probably have a lot to say about it."

Maria Church says, "She is very upset and it hurts me that he has hurt her like this. I have never liked him but she loved him so much.

"Steven Johnson has done to Charlotte what JAMES GOODING did to KYLIE MINOGUE. She received a wave of public sympathy and her career really took off. I can only hope the same happens for Charlotte."

And a family friend has slammed Steven for using Charlotte for personal gain.

The insider says, "Steven has lived off Charlotte for the last 18 months. She loved and trusted him and this is the way he has repaid her.

"He has shown himself to be the character her family always believed he was."

07/12/2003 14:18


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