Cage On The Hunt For Tibetan Apeman

NICOLAS CAGE is on the hunt for a mythical red-haired apeman who lives in the mountains surrounding Tibet.

The eccentric CON AIR star, who boasts he is fascinated by modern myths, saw the story about Tibet's answer to the YETI and now he wants to meet the beast.

He says, "These scientists are convinced that somewhere in the Asian mountains of Tibet there is a short red-haired two-legged ape man.

"They've seen it and they're trying to get it. Now, that's fascinating to me. I'd like to go meet this guy. I want to look at him. I want to say `Hi' to him."

Cage admits his interest in all things beastly and hairy has been spiked after coming face to face with wild dogs in Africa.

He adds, "We have dogs around us every day but to see a wild dog in its own nature is like seeing a cave man. It's like I kind of know you but I don't and you're interesting.

"I'm fascinated by that kind of thing; fascinated by the as-yet undiscovered, but possible. I like anything that makes you wonder; that isn't totally spelled out for you."

13/11/2004 02:43


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