Cage And Bean's Karaoke Sessions

British actor SEAN BEAN was impressed by NICOLAS CAGE's singing talents when they got to know each other on the set of their latest film NATIONAL TREASURE.

Bean, 45, admits he is not musically inclined and needs alcohol before he'll pick up the microphone, but he recognised Cage's skills.

The LORD OF THE RINGS actor says, "We were having a great time doing karaoke and all sorts together.

"Nic's a good singer, he sung a lot of ELVIS and old songs and stuff like that.

"He threw this massive karaoke party - it was like a massive banquet with loads of food and drink on, and we just went at it for hours.

"I've just discovered that my singing voice is alright, well it sounded alright that night but we'd had about four pints of lager."

10/12/2004 13:34


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