British Tv Channel Slammed For Airing Graphic Film

British TV network CHANNEL 4 has been slammed by moral groups for screening sexually explicit scenes featured in director LARS VON TRIER's controversial movie THE IDIOTS.

The cult 1998 Danish film was aired unedited on TV last week (07MAR05) as part of the station's 'Banned' season of documentaries and films which focuses on the issues of censorship and taste.

Campaign group MEDIAWATCH-UK's director JOHN BEYER says, "Channel 4 is unquestionably pushing the boundaries and they are doing it quite deliberately.

"I just feel that Channel 4 is now beyond control, yet the regulator seems unable and unwilling to have anything to say about what Channel 4 is doing."

However, Channel 4 has staunchly defended the screening of the movie about a group of intelligent people who decide to pretend to be mentally retarded in order to create anarchy.

A spokesman comments, "Channel 4 decided it was not necessary to cut the film given its artistic merit, the fact that the explicit scenes are fleeting and the context in which the images appear."

13/03/2005 14:38


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