Affleck Blows His Boston Bachelor Party

BEN AFFLECK has wrecked his chances of having a blow-out bachelor party with his Boston, Massachusetts, pals after his night out at a Vancouver, Canada, strip club made the headlines.

Affleck told chat show host JAY LENO last night (11AUG03) that tabloid stories about him visiting the city's BRANDI'S EXOTIC NIGHTCLUB are true, but it wasn't the wild night that has been reported.

The movie star is still considering his legal options after American tabloid NATIONAL ENQUIRER reported he had later fornicated with a group of girls from the club at CHRISTIAN SLATER's rented home.

Affleck also revealed he sought his fiancee JENNIFER LOPEZ's permission to go to the club with pals Slater and TARA REID. But now she's convinced he's had more than enough fun before he weds her.

Affleck explained, "Basically, I'm up there and I'm a young guy and I'm getting married soon, as you may have heard, and I have some friends and they said, 'Hey, y'know we should go out and do a mini-bachelor party.'

"I did have the common sense to call Jennifer and say, 'Hey, y'know I'm gonna go to this place and it's kinda wacky. It's a strip bar.' And Jennifer's very secure and cool, and she was like, 'Alright, have a good time, knock yourself out.'

"It was actually relatively tame. It would have been like a brunch for COLIN FARRELL. By the time the tabloids get hold of it I'm like in a three-way with MICHAEL JACKSON and ELVIS and the WOLFMAN.

"I get back and it's not that I thought people were going to notice me, but they said, 'Oh, they're gonna run this story about it.' So I called Jen and said, 'Y'know, they're gonna run a story about me.' She said, 'Well, it looks like you've had your bachelor party.'

"So then I had to make the second call to my friends in Boston. I said, 'Guys, I don't think the bachelor party's gonna happen.' They're like, 'What are we gonna do with all this livestock?'"

12/08/2003 13:47


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