New York Dolls star STEVE CONTE has been drafted in to make ZACK GALIFIANAKIS and Emma Roberts look like rock stars in new movie IT'S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY.
The guitarist has been hired as a rock 'n' roll consultant on the Brooklyn, New York set of the film - to give the project's leads an edge.
He tells WENN, "I got a call to be a rock 'n' roll guru for the cast of this movie... There's one scene in the movie where they're in a mental hospital and there's a fantasy scene where they all fantasise about being onstage and being in this rock band and playing Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie.
"Zach's the piano player, Emma was one of the guitar players and Jeremy Davies, from Lost, was one of the background singers. The costumes were made by the same guy who made Britney Spears' costumes, so there was 19-year-old Emma Roberts looking incredible.
"My job was to give them pointers. None of these guys really played, although Emma sort of strums guitar. I sent through some YouTube videos of guitar players' performances to check out, like early Who; Pete Townshend doing windmills - so they could see how guys move around and jump around on stage.
"I coached them and staged them. They had some pyro, some explosions in the scene. It's gonna look amazing. The actors looked really good and I'm pretty proud of it."