Pop-punk powerhouses New Found Glory are ready to get back to what they do best: making new music. Though the last batch of new songs we heard from the group came last year off their Kill It Live live album, a new full-length is set to be released this fall. Even better, the band announced their signing to Hopeless Records, ending the band’s four year partnership with their previous label, Epitaph Records. For Hopeless, New Found Glory was an incredible grab and it just adds on to the list of A-list pop-punk bands that the label has enlisted in the past few years (The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Bayside).

New Found Glory LiveNew Found Glory will release their new album in the fall

Additionally, this upcoming record will begin a new chapter in New Found Glory’s 17 year illustrious career: it will be the first recorded material without their longtime guitarist and lyricist, Steve Klein. Klein, who was booted from the band back in December 2013, was revealed to be facing felony charges for lewd contact with a minor. Though the case is still ongoing, the band has no plans to replace him. “There was never any thought, nor will there be any thought or consideration to ever have a fifth member. It's always going to be the four of us. As far as live, we're figuring it out, but we like it better than having an extra person,” lead singer Jordan Pundik told Billboard back in March.

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So with Klein not penning the lyrics, who’s going to be taking over? Guitarist Chad Gilbert addressed the issue, noting that lyric writing in the band has always been a five-way ordeal. “There are parts in albums where I wrote a lot of the lyrics,” Gilbert said. “There are parts on albums where Steve wrote a lot of the lyrics, even albums where Steve did the majority of the lyric writing. Then there were albums like "Coming Home" where I did most of the chorus lyric writing. But it was always split.”

The aforementioned 2006 release, Coming Home, is widely regarded as one of New Found Glory’s best records to date, sporting a much tighter sound musically with a focus on melodies and “mature” lyrics as opposed to rockin’ pop-punk riffs.

Though their last full-length in 2011, Radiosurgery, was a return to that pop-punk prominence, as was their three new Kill It Live songs, it’s up in the air as to what this new look New Found Glory is going to sound like next. With tracking for the record happening in June, and a headlining tour in the fall to follow suit, the next few months are going to be pretty busy for the Florida-based quartet, and it’s clear that no member change-up is going to bring them down. As fans are patiently awaiting new music, New Found Glory at least has someone manning the hype train already: Paramore lead singer and girlfriend of Chad Gilbert, Hayley Williams, says that new demos “are sick” -- and we’re liking the sound of that.