In 2008 the Academy of Arts & Science made a change to the Emmy eligibility rules and the impact of that change is only being felt at this year's television award show.

neil patrick harris
Neil Patrick Harris is the host of the 2013 Emmy Awards Ceremony

Since 2008, television shows that are streamed via the internet would be eligible to compete for an Emmy award and this year the internet streaming service, Netflix, is making a lot of noise ahead of the award ceremony.

The political drama 'House of Cards' which stars Kevin Spacey is streamed by Netflix and has been nominated for 'Outstanding Drama' and marks the first time an internet streaming program has competed against regular television programs. The possibility of a streaming service winning at this Sunday's (Sept 22nd) award show illustrates how the landscape of the television industry has altered.

Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey stars in 'House of Cards'

The online subscription has racked up 14 nominations for shows such as 'Hemlock Grove' and 'Arrested Development' and if it earns a high-profile win Netflix subscriptions will surely boost in the near future. The light cast over the company will also give it more credibility proving the dedication it has to quality programming.

The Netflix invasion could also be more monumental than first thought because it will show how meteoric the internet site's rise to the top has been. The television academy's senior vice president, John Leverence said in an e-mail "It took cable 13 years to get its first drama series program nomination, whereas it took the Internet six years" reported the Washington Post. "New distribution platforms, even cable with its wildly precocious HBO, don't start getting drama series program nominations at the tender age of just six years".

Most critics still see AMC's 'Breaking Bad' as the big winner on Sunday night as the show's ratings keep rising each week with the last episode earning the most views ever, with 6.4 million. The website Gold Derby expertly predicts and tracks who will win big in Hollywood and they called 'Breaking Bad' the "overwhelming front runner".

bryan cranston
Bryan Cranston stars in the critics favourite, 'Breaking Bad'

The 65th annual Primetime Emmy Awards will be held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on September 22.