Love television? Love Netflix? Do you never want to get up and do the whole pesky “life” thing? Well, the online streaming company has a job for you! Netflix are looking for "Taggers” in the UK and Ireland, whose depressing job description would include watching hours and hours of television from the comfort of their own living room – or bed, more likely.

Need a job? Netflix can help.

The bright side of this spiral into lethargy and despair – the Taggers will get to see new episodes of Netflix originals like House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black before anyone else in the world. Though of course that means being met with the “no spoilers” death stare anytime they bring up something from an unaired episode. As if the inevitable non-disclosure clause isn’t enough.

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There are currently around 40 Taggers worldwide, but Netflix is looking to hire a few on British soil. Their job would include watching films and shows and creating some of the website’s creepily specific lists, such as “Inspirational Comedies with a Female Lead” or “90s Movies Featuring a Talking Dog and/or Cat". So err... exciting job prospects await.

"The role will offer flexible hours working from home" the spec for the dream job states, and "would suit those with a passion for films and TV programmes".

There is no specified salary though. Suspicious. Applicants with a degree in film or film history and/or experience directing, screen writing, filmmaking or writing film criticism are preferred, proving that there is work for Humanities graduates after all. More or less.