Netflix may have announced that 'House of Cards' will be coming to an end with its sixth season, amid the allegations that its leading star Kevin Spacey tried to have sex with Anthony Rapp when the latter actor was just 14-years-old, but it seems the streaming service has been preparing for the show to conclude, as a number of spinoffs are already in the works.

Joel Kinnaman (right) starred in the fifth season of 'House of Cards'Joel Kinnaman (right) starred in the fifth season of 'House of Cards'

As they're in the earliest stages of development, Netflix along with production company Media Rights Capital haven't given any details surrounding the plot of most of the reported spinoffs, but it'll be good for fans of the franchise to know that it won't be dying out with the show's final season.

Based on the original British BBC series of the same name, the show has gone on to win a number of awards including Golden Globes and Emmys, with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright leading the cast as the villainous married duo Frank and Claire Underwood. Forging a path from Congress right up to the most powerful seat in the world in the Oval Office, the pair have taken advantage of everybody necessary in their bid for power.

The one spinoff idea that has been revealed is a series that would focus on Michael Kelly's character, Doug Stamper. Having worked for Frank ever since the series began, Doug is incredibly loyal to his employer, unafraid to get his hands dirty but somebody who prefers working behind the scenes rather than taking the spotlight.

Whatever the future for 'House of Cards' and its characters may be, we'd be pretty certain it'll be a future that doesn't include Spacey. Following the accusation of sexual assault from Rapp earlier this week, Spacey said he didn't remember the incident, but apologised if it had taken place and blamed alcohol. He also used the opportunity as a time to come out as gay, which has seen huge backlash from the LGBT+ community and fans across the globe.

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We'll bring you any extra news surrounding the planned 'House of Cards' spinoffs as and when we get it.