It's official: 'Girlboss' won't be returning for a second season at Netflix. The streaming platform have decided that they won't be moving forward with future episodes of the original comedy, with the axe falling on the show after taking out both 'Sense8' and 'The Get Down'.

Britt Robertson led the Netflix original seriesBritt Robertson led the Netflix original series

'Girlboss' followed the story of Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, with embellishments of course made for dramatic effect. With 13 episodes to its name, it showed the young anarchist turn herself into a business woman by creating her own online clothing business.

'Pitch Perfect's Kay Cannon wrote and executive produced the show, with Charlize Theron's production company Denver & Delilah helping bring it to the small screen.

The news comes a month after Netflix founder and CEO Reed Hastings spoke at the Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, where he said the platform's "hit ratio" was too high and there should be "a higher cancel rate overall." This is certainly something Netflix seem intent on driving through, as three cancellations of what seemed to be popular shows have come in quick succession.

Other shows cancelled in the past include 'Hemlock Grove', 'Marco Polo' and 'Bloodline', but it feels like the streamer is now more driven than ever before in ensuring that money is only spent on the most popular of shows.

"Relative to what you spent, are people watching it?" Netflix's chief content officer Ted Sarandos asked at the Produced By conference earlier this year. "A big, expensive show for a huge audience is great. A big, expensive show for a tiny audience is hard even in our model to make that work very long."

Whilst Netflix don't give out any official viewing statistics, it would be fair to say that 'Girlboss' must not have been raking in as many fans as some of its fellow original shows on the platform.

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