In a further bid to become an all-encompassing consumerism monolith, Amazon have packaged together three of their services into one super-package to entice shoppers, watchers and readers alike. And it’ll all be under the guise: ‘Prime’.

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Currently, customers can pay a yearly fee to get free next-day delivery (by human, not drone) on millions of items on Amazon’s site. They can also subscribe to an instant video service and buy books Amazon’s Kindle store, but all three aspects will become one in the shakeup.

"Consumers will be able to shop for what they want, read what they want and watch they want anywhere at any time," said Tim Leslie, vice-president of Amazon Instant Video for the UK and Germany. "Even if you have another service you are going to want our service," added Leslie.

Netflix currently occupy the high ground in the world of on-demand content steaming. With 'House of Cards', 'Breaking Bad' and multiple pop culture references in sitcoms, they’re the first brand people think of when video streaming is mentioned. Amazon will have a tough job usurping them.

"It is the only place you are going to be able to find certain great TV shows, movies and original content all in one place. It is the most complete digital video service in the UK. All of these things in one package for less than £7 a month, we think this is best value out there," said Leslie.

Whether customers will bite is another thing. Netflix’s £5.99 doesn’t include an almost unlimited amount of books and next day delivery on items, but then again, a lot of people won’t be paying their £5.99 for anything more than high quality content, which Netflix has.

If users only want access to Prime Instant Video, they can just pay £5.99. And the LoveFilm brand will continue to be used for the DVD-by-post rental service Amazon continues to run.

"Our customers already know they are part of Amazon, it is the best thing to happen to LoveFilm since the launch in the first quarter of 2004," said Simon Morris, LoveFilm's chief marketing officer.