Oliver Stone returns to Latin America for another doc about the Bolivarian movement, through which South American countries are standing up to North American imperialism. Yes, it's one-sided and unquestioning, but also eye-opening.

Unsurprisingly, Stone's main target is Fox News, which gives its usual shameless slant to stories about Latin America, referring to democratically elected presidents as "dictators" and blatantly painting them as Communist criminals. According to polls, some 70% of Americans believe these lies, which blur leaders like Chavez with the likes of Osama Bin Laden. Stone blames much of this on American arrogance in the wake of the Soviet Union's demise, and he also makes the connection with global capitalism, as US "interests" push nations to surrender their sovereignty to the International Monetary Fund.

But of course the story is much more complex, and Stone narrates the history through early clashes between Chavez and the US-supported hardline Venezuelan government, a scene that echoes later with Morales in Bolivia, Da Silva in Brazil, Correa in Ecuador, Lugo in Paraguay and the Kirchners in Argentina. In other words, the US has worked to undermine democracy simply because it means they lose control of the country in question.

This is a vitally important issue that needs to be brought to light, as it vividly shows the rampant hypocrisy in the US government and how American media are manipulating a gullible public. Stone documents everything carefully, showing the brutal history of CIA assassinations over the decades and how this backhanded imperialism has kept South America under the north's thumb. So as these nations band together as Bolivarians, harking back to a previous battle against a colonial power, it's no wonder that US big-business is waging a propaganda war while the American government engages in politics of control.

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