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Nerina Pallot
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Nerina Pallot Fires Album

With an upbringing that included a spell living in India, Nerina Pallot is a multi-instrumentalist with the ability to play piano, guitar, and violin. Her influences are diverse, ranging from Stevie Wonder to Bon Jovi, and also The Stone Roses. She has toured with Semisonic and Sheryl Crow, and will be playing shows in the UK from May 22nd.

Opening track "Damascus" provides the perfect introduction to Pallot, showcasing her excellent silky voice and the range it covers. It compliments the bluesy style of the music, which features some casual piano playing, and comes together in a heart-warming chorus. This is also to be found in "Geek Love", although the track is let down by weak verses. "Idaho" is an epic number with sweeping strings and a brooding piano line that demands attention, which added to Pallot's emotional delivery, gives truly inspiring results. At times that album quality isn't so great, with "Sophia" lacking the alluring quality that is so often to be found, and "Nickindia" also passing by without making an impression.

The final four tracks of "Fires" come as a pleasant surprise as they expand the sound of the record, mainly due to the inclusion of electric guitars. A highlight of the album, "Everybody's Gone To War" is an upbeat rock'n'roll track with a chorus that begs to be sung along to, as well as being a strong message about recent world events that anti-war activists may agree with. Also deserving a mention is "Heart Attack", which has a darker disposition and forceful chorus, thanks to some crunching guitars. Despite the odd lapse, Pallot has produced easily accessible music to suit various moods, and shows herself to be an artist with great potential.

Alex Lai

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