The sun beats down as if it's about to crash into the earth as Ian steps off his plane, returning to his crowded homeland, the Philippines. The smell of sewage and the irritating chatter of busy cabbies and confused tourists become more palpable than one can imagine through a screen. Suddenly, a call comes from a phone Ian doesn't recognize. He pulls it out of his bag, answers it, and suddenly everything else doesn't matter.

Ian Gamazon and Neill Dela Llana's debut film sure does throw you for a loop as its ticking clock plot unravels. Ian, played by Gamazon, gets a slick, serious voice in his ear telling him that he must follow the directions that are laid out for him, or it's all closed curtain for his mother and sister. From there, he must duck past corners, rush through orange and red street markets, hop into bike cabs and performs other bizarre acts, only to end up in a church with a timely task.

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