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Neil Young
Chrome Dreams II
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Neil Young Chrome Dreams II Album

If you've never heard an 18-minute song seem not a moment too long, have a listen to this follow-up to 1977's unreleased Chrome Dreams. Ordinary People is classic Neil Young (well, up to the saxophone solo) that has been one of Young's 'great unreleased' songs for over a decade now - wonderful Rust-like rock - and its meandering insistency recalls Bob Dylan's Hurricane.

Much of this disc is a proper return to Zuma, After The Gold Rush and Rust form - it's Neil Young in his wheezy, shambling songsmith form, imperfect guitars and whiney voice, but the whole (especially the Crazy Horses songs) is wonderful. However, it's not all great - recent illness perhaps can be blamed for Shining Light and The Believer, although they are redeemed in spades when Spirit Road kicks in. The album continues to vary - Ever After's weak, and The Way's kiddie chorus is a bit of a shame as an album closer. But, after 2006's ranting Living With War, Chrome Dreams II sounds like a Neil Young who is having fun, and the sound of Neil Young having fun is genuinely welcome.


Mike Rea

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