Review of Living With War Album by Neil Young

Artist - Neil Young
Album - Living With War
Label - Reprise

Neil Young Living With War Album

Stepping, with lumberjack boots, into the whole Iraq war debate, Living With War leaves the listener in no doubt whatsoever about Young's position.

Whether it is a great Neil Young album, however, is more debatable. With a grunge-core sound reminiscent of Zuma, and lyrics that are among his best ever (whether you agree with his viewpoint or not), he has clearly channelled a whole lot of aggression into this piece. However, it doesn't sound great - it's all a bit tame and rote.

The sense is of an album that would undoubtedly work well live, but it all seems a bit rushed. The best track is the first - After The Garden. While protest albums make sense here and now, there isn't a lot that will make Living With War a staple of a Best Of in the future.


Mike Rea

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