Review of At the Fillmore 1970 Live Album by Neil Young

Neil Young and Crazy Horse
At the Fillmore 1970 [Live]
Album Review

Neil Young At the Fillmore 1970 Live Album

Talk about re-releases. This is a legendary show, revealing Young at his best, and the best of his occasional backing band Crazy Horse, when led by Danny Whitten (Whitten, a remarkable guitarist, died in 1972, was the inspiration behind Young's disc Tonight's The Night).

With epic takes on songs like Down By The River and Cowgirl in the Sand, where Young and Whitten's interplay is exhilarating, this illustrates that Young's passion was always his greatest instrument (and that he should spend longer re-working re-releases like this rather than knocking out nonsense like Living With War). One tip on this album is to go to iTunes, where it can be had for £3.16, rather than the usual CD price.

There is, however, no doubt that this album should be one of the first Neil Young discs in your collection - the sound makes no apology for its age.


Mike Rea

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