Ne-Yo wants to take Motown Records back to its former glory.

The 30-year-old R&B singer was named Senior Vice-President of the legendary record label in January and sought advice from Berry Gordy Jr. - who launched the label, responsible for icons such The Supremes, The Jackson 5 and Marvin Gaye in 1959 - to help him relaunch the brand.

Ne-Yo said: ''Motown has slipped a bit recently, but I want to make it the epitome of great pop again.

''Berry told me about meetings the label used to hold. He would ask staff what they'd buy with their last dollar: The latest Motown single or a sandwich.

''There was one [recording], from 1964, where they were debating the Temptations song 'My Girl'. Five of the six people in the room said it wouldn't be a hit, but Berry put it out. It went to Number One and became a soul classic.

''He did that to show me I shouldn't let other people's opinions overpower my own.''

Ne-Yo was famously collaborating with Michael Jackson before his untimely death in June 2009, but said he won't release the songs they wrote as he doesn't want to cash in on Michael's passing.

He said: ''Now I don't know what to do with those songs. I'll never sell them on, because I wouldn't want anyone to think I was profiting from Mike's death. He's the reason I started making music.''